No GIFs This Week

'It has to be done.'

I don’t know the right words to say during a time like this.

But I do know that if people, particularly white people like me, want to be a part of the solution, we need to educate ourselves on the history of racism and how we are contributing to it, even unwittingly. We can’t be bystanders in the efforts to undo centuries of structural racism and white supremacy in the United States.

Books have always been where I turn to be educated and challenged.

I’ve included below some that I have enjoyed and that have helped me, as well as a few I’ve reviewed. There also are links to articles I’ve been reading this week.

One of them, by Lauren Michele Jackson, has this line that stuck with me:

The books are there, they’ve always been there, yet the lists keep coming, bathing us in the pleasure of a recommendation. But that’s the thing about the reading. It has to be done.

Yes, the books are all out there, and have been. They are a starting point. What we do next is up to us.

Do this: Purchase books from Black-owned independent book stores. Here is a nationwide list. Here are four in New York City:

Read these: Here are some books I read prior to starting Books on GIF:

Read these, too: Here are some books I’ve reviewed:

Books I’m reading:

  • I just finished ‘Mean’ by Myriam Gurba.

  • I just started ‘They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us’ by Hanif Abdurraqib. (If you have a preference for which book I review next week, email me at

Articles I’m reading:

Racism must be defeated. ‘It has to be done.’ Let’s get to it.