Books on GIF Turns 3

Hey everyone!

It means so much to me that you guys set aside a little sliver of your inbox every other Sunday for Books on GIF. We are all drowning in email, email and more email, so the fact that you have subscribed and stuck with BoG over the last three years has me like:

So today, on BoG’s third anniversary, I wanted to send a quick note just to say:

Thank you for your subscription. Thank you for your book recommendations. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for your words of encouragement (it keeps me going!). Thank you for following me on social media. And, most of all, thank you for telling your friends and followers about Books on GIF. That’s the best birthday gift there is! It makes me go:

As many of you know, I started Books on GIF as a way to share my love of books with friends and strangers because I was frustrated by most mainstream book reviews. They were kinda boring, and each always seemed focused on the same new books. I wanted to be a voice that highlights alternative authors as well as other past gems that may have been overlooked. I believe selecting your next book should be almost as fun as reading it.

Now I’m going to ask you for a small favor:

In honor our our third anniversary, you can help keep BoG growing for another year in two ways. First, you can tweet out your favorite review(s) from our archive. Second, if you know someone who would enjoy this newsletter, you can send them this link.

Every little bit helps! And it’s greatly appreciated!

Look out for my review of National Book Award winner ‘The Friend’ by Sigrid Nunez this coming Sunday.

Until then,