'Fear is the mind-killer'—Review #170
'”You lose!” bawled the cat. “Hurrah!”'—Review #169
What are you reading this fall?Autumn is my favorite season! It means comfy sweaters, hot tea and curling up with a good book. What are you most looking forward to reading thi…
'Florida? Murder? U have the wrong number!'—Review #168
Let's discuss: What was your favorite book this summer?Donna and I hope you’re all enjoying Labor Day Weekend! As summer unofficially winds down, we wanted to pop into your inboxes to ask about your:
'What makes a home a home? Tell me a story I can dream on.'—Review #167
'...the tragedy is not that love doesn't last. The tragedy is the love that lasts.'—Review #166
'I didn't mean to discuss; I wanted to read...'—Review #165
'Perhaps there is a way, I thought, of figuring everything out from the safety of my own home.'—Review #164
'The mere idea of having pieces of her in my pores gave me an excruciating thrill that I just couldn't stand.'—Review #163
'By their actions, they did not dream the American Dream, they willed it into being by a definition of their own choosing.'—Review #162
'Why do we suffer so, from the things we ourselves have invented?'—Review #161