'Could I trust any of them, really, when it came right down to it?'—Review #177
'The entire city of New York was sick and in desperate need of a vacation.'—Review #176
'Culinary insularity is really nothing more than a set of stubborn taste habits.'—Review #175
'I got lucky.'—Review #174
And the independent bookstores or publishers where you can buy them
'Upon the demon-ridden pilgrimage of human life, what next I wonder?' —Review #173
'Besides, sometimes it's inevitable for the past to be forgotten, especially if the present is no less horrific....'—Review #172
'We were always on edge, dogged by danger and the anxiety that if we had something even for a moment, it could be taken away.'—Review #171
'Fear is the mind-killer'—Review #170
'”You lose!” bawled the cat. “Hurrah!”'—Review #169
What are you reading this fall?Autumn is my favorite season! It means comfy sweaters, hot tea and curling up with a good book. What are you most looking forward to reading thi…
'Florida? Murder? U have the wrong number!'—Review #168