What is Books on GIF?

Books on GIF launched in 2016 as a way for me to share my love of books with friends and strangers, and also because I was frustrated by most mainstream book reviews.

They are mostly snooty and stale, and hardly ever address the simple joy of reading a good book. Plus, everywhere I looked, I saw the same authors, the same books and the same gatekeepers to bookish conversations. I wanted to see something different.

I used to send GIF-filled emails to friends to cheer them up on their birthdays, and thought why not do that with books? So think of BoG as your pal who’s always reading something interesting and random that might interest you, and who wouldn’t steer you wrong.

You’ll see a diverse selection of authors and titles among classics, bestsellers to gems from the independent publishers and the occasional graphic novel.

Books on GIF exists to share and promote the joy of reading. It’s the animated alternative to boring book reviews. We hope you enjoy our newsletter!

Who is Books on GIF?

  • Mike writes the reviews.

  • Donna edits them.

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