Books on GIF is 6 today; 'The past is weird. I mean, does it really exist?'—Review #184
'A man will suffer misery to get to the bottom of truth, but he will not suffer boredom.'—Review #183
My colleagues produce terrific work. Here's a roundup.
What are you reading this spring?One quarter of the year is in the books, so we thought it was a good time to check in. What books did you enjoy most in the first three months o…
'Polo was left standing on the edge of the lawn, his phone still in his hand and his eyes welling up with tears of humiliating impotence.'—Review #182
'Some news said it was an accident, but there are no accidents in Ukraine. Just consequences.'—Review #181
'Yet in having to endure such lean years, fans have only become more nostalgic for those nineties-era Knicks.'—Review #180
'Ursa, have you lost the blues?'—Review #179
'He must have been fevered, doing his job until the end.'—Review #178
'Could I trust any of them, really, when it came right down to it?'—Review #177
'The entire city of New York was sick and in desperate need of a vacation.'—Review #176
'Culinary insularity is really nothing more than a set of stubborn taste habits.'—Review #175